AMaCC platform
CEISAM Institute Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography analysis platform

Field of expertise

The platform provides the separation, characterization, structural elucidation and quantification of natural or synthetic compounds. It offers its skills and expertise in support of CEISAM research projects and external partners. It actively assists with scientific publications. It also offers services to public laboratories and companies as well as training on demand.

The AMaCC platform (Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography Analysis platform of CEISAM) was created in the spring of 2020 from the merger of the "chromatography" and "mass spectrometry" departments of the CEISAM laboratory. It is structured around its two areas of expertise:

  • A Mass Spectrometry unit specialising in structural analysis ;
  • A Chromatography unit specialising in separative sciences.

The two divisions interact via coupled techniques such as LC-MS or GC-MS, and through research projects.

AMaCC platform staff

Illa TEA
Plateform manager

Mass Spectrometry specialist

Isabelle LOUVET
Chromatography specialist

Laurence ARZEL
Mass Spectrometry
and Organic chemistry specialist