ModES team


Team leader: Adèle LAURENT

The ModES (Modeling and Spectroscopy) team, with around twenty people, performs research studies in the field of molecular physical chemistry, in close collaboration with local, national and international teams.

Research subjects

Concisely, the ModES research is devoted to the study of the structure, properties and/or non-covalent interactions of (macro) molecular systems through a large panel of approaches combining molecular modeling, multi-scaling theoretical tools, and optical spectroscopy measurements, the latter being in some matters carried out in the team. More specifically, four main themes currently characterize the team research:

  • The exploration of the chemistry of radionuclides,
  • Light-(macro)molecules interactions,
  • Molecular interactions and systems of biological interests,
  • Methodological developments.

The ModES team possesses a wiki page (only available from the University of Nantes) which includes the list of our articles, the program of our weekly seminar, the usage of various softwares/scripts as well as the characteristics of the CEISAM (and regional) computing cluster(s).
Two members of the ModES team have been awarded by an ERC research program: MARCHES (2012-2016) and ATTOP (2022-2026).