IMF team


Team leader: Clémence QUEFFELEC et Stéphane DIRING

The IMF team (Engineering of Functional Materials) comprises 35 members, including 17 permanent staff. The research activities are focused on the synthesis of functional molecules and materials, based on a « design/synthesis – characterization - applications » integrated approach.

Research subjects

Most often, Hybrid materials or nanomaterials are considered and combine an active organic molecular block with an inorganic component having complementary functionality. For that purpose, the IMF team takes advantage of a recognized expertise in the field of synthesis, surface modification, electrochemistry and photophysics.

Various research topics have been developed based on well-established pluri- and interdisciplinary academic partnerships, involving physicists, biologists, clinicians or even sociologists. The IMF team thus designs and synthesizes materials with specific properties dedicated in particular to three main areas of interest: (a) Biology and Health, (b) Environment, (c) Energy and Information processing. Like the whole laboratory, the IMF team has established tight and regular relationships with the industry, and keeps developing innovative joint projects through public-private partnerships.