PIRAMID – Protein interactions in rational approaches for medicinal innovative drugs

PIRAMID is led by Sylvain COLLET, Jacques LEBRETON (Organic Synthesis, SYMBIOSE team) and Jean-Yves LE QUESTEL (Molecular Modelling, ModES Team), professors at Nantes University and performing their research in the CEISAM institute. PIRAMID aims to develop new drugs specifically targeting PPI.

PIRAMID also received a strong financial support (€ 1 M) from the Pays de la Loire Region (convention No: 2015 08206) and from the three Universities involved  (Nantes University, Angers University and Le Mans University - € 269 715 in total).

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Identify new drug candidates for the treatment of pathologies, by targeting (PPIs) on the basis of molecular modelling rational approaches.

5 research axes:

  1. Signaling and hypertension > PPI RhoA
  2. Tumor cells chemoresistance > PPI BCL-xL
  3. Receptors in Immuno-cancerology > PPI IL-15
  4. Invasive infection with Fungemia > PPI Hsp90
  5. DNA repair by homologous recombination pathway > PPI Rad51


In details

5-year research

2016 – 2021

€ 1 269 715

Pays de la Loire Region: € 1 M
Nantes University: € 224 915
Le Mans University: € 22 800
Angers University: € 22 000


months funded for:
5 PhD students
4 Postdoctoral fellows
1 Project Manager
1 Business Developer
19 master trainees


Permanent researchers
3 disciplines (chemistry, biology, molecular modelling)
11 teams
7 laboratories
3 universities (Nantes, Angers, Le Mans)

For more details, go to the “Research” and “PPI Axes” pages of the Website.

For laboratories involved and the composition of the team, go to “The Project”.

For a complete view of the Project, go to the ”Theses & Training” funded, “Events” organized and “Valorisation” pages.