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The NMR platform has strong ties with the internationally renowned MIMM research team, which is expert in the development of NMR methods and their applications for the study of mixtures. The NMR platform serves a broad community of internal and external users. The main users within the CEISAM laboratory are the MIMM team, and the CORAIL, IMF and SYMBIOSE teams, for whom NMR is an indispensable structural characterization tool.

The NMR platform therefore has to address the needs of a broad community, which covers a wide range of topics, ranging from organic synthesis to NMR methodology and metabolomics, while being open to users and external customers. The platform combines instruments for the development and implementation of advanced NMR methods (e.g., cryoprobes, DNP, microimaging) with instruments configured for routine structural analysis in organic synthesis.

The NMR platform is also part of the Corsaire platform (multi-site metabolomics platform of the Biogenouest network).

In 2020, the NMR platform has joined the MetaboHUB national infrastructure (national metabolomic and fluxomic infrastructure).

Since 2022, the CEISAM NMR platform is certified ISO 9001 for all its activities.

The CEISAM NMR platform is part of the Remote-NMR (R-NMR) initiative that aims at establishing best-practice guidelines for remote access for NMR users throughout Europe. R-NMR has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program (grant agreement N° 1010058595).

In order to work with industrial customers, the NMR platform works closely with CAPACITÉS SAS, the engineering and research development subsidiary of the University of Nantes. Specializing in the engineering of innovative projects, CAPACITÉS is the permanent interface between the innovation needs of socio-economic players and laboratory resources. It combines and exploits high-level skills, for the benefit of businesses and communities, through tailor-made services: consulting, expertise, R&D.



▪ For the CEISAM institute

  1. Analytical facility. Structural analyses (routine or targeted), quantitative analyses, molecular dynamics, …
  2. Rasearch. The NMR platform is used for methods developments in NMR, carried out by the MIMM research team. The platform’s staff are members of the MIMM research team.
  3. Management of the instruments. Optimizing the use of spectrometers by improving their performance and allocating instrument time.
  4. Training – support. The platform’s staff supports research teams through: (i) the collection of requests for experiments, (ii) the distribution of these requests among platform team members, (iii) the development and implementation of solutions to these requests.

In all cases, the objective of the platform is to be an active support for the scientific publications of the CEISAM laboratory.

▪ For the externals users

The CEISAM NMR platform is also open to external users, from both industry and academia. Access to the platform is through research collaborations or paid service.

NMR platform staff

Scientific manager:
(Deputies: Vincent COEFFARD and Jean-Nicolas DUMEZ)

Platform engineers:
Aurélie BERNARD, Benoît CHARRIER, Mathilde GRAND, Estelle MARTINEAU, Virginie SILVESTRE

Metabolomics project manager :

Spectrometers of the CEISAM NMR platform

Many equipment at CEISAM Institute, including the NMR platform are co-funded by the European Union.


High-resolution liquid-state NMR spectrometers

Avance HD 700 MHz Bruker

Magnet: Ascend 16.4 T
Probe: Cryosonde inverse QCI 1H/19F-13C/15N ATMA grad-Z 5mm
Options: 3 channels, regulation BCU
Sample changer: SampleJet 96 positions with regulation BCU
Software: Topspin 3

Avance HD 700 MHz Bruker

Avance III 500 MHz Bruker

Magnet: unshielded 11.7 T
Probe: inverse BBI 1H/BB ATMA grad-XYZ 5mm; micro-imagerie grad XYZ; X[C-O]/1H 5mm lock 19F STM grad-Z
Options: 3 channels, regulation BCU
Sample changer: SampleXpressLite 16
Accessory for Flow NMR  , Gradient amplifiers for miroimaging
Software: Topspin 2&3 and Paravision

Avance NEO 400 MHz Bruker

Magnet: Ascend 9.4 T
Probe: Cryosonde Prodigy BBO BB-1H&19F ATMA grad-Z 5mm
Software: Topspin 4

Avance NEO 400 MHz Bruker


Bruker d-DNP polariser prototype 7,05 T

Solid-state low temperature probe for DNP with croww-polarization 1H/13C
Magnetic tunnel

Avance III 400 MHz Bruker

Magnet: unshielded 9.4 T
Probe: BBFO ATMA grad-Z 5mm ; inverse1H/BB grad-Z 5 mm ; 1H/BB 10mm
Sample changer: B-ACS 60
Software: Topspin 2

Avance III 400 MHz Bruker

Quad 400 MHz C4

Magnet: unshielded 7.05 T
Probes: DUAL+ 1H/13C ATMA grad-Z 5mm ;
Sample changer: B-ACS 60.
Software: SPINit

Avance  300 MHz Bruker

Magnet: US 7.05 T
Probes: BBFO ATMA grad-Z 5mm, BBO ATMA grad-Z 5mm
Sample changer: SampleXpress 60
Software: Topspin 2

Pulse 300 MHz RS2D

NMR benchtop spectrometers

Spinsolve 43 MHz Magritek

Built-in probe 1H/19F 5 mm, built in fluorine lock. Prototype with Z gradient.
Spinsolve Reaction Monitoring Kit (Pump, capillary…).
Software: Prospa, Spinsolve, Mnova

Spinsolve 43 MHz Magritek

Spinsolve carbone 43 MHz Magritek

Built-in probe : 1H/13C, Fluor 5mm, built in fluorine lock. Prototype with Z gradient.
Spinsolve Reaction Monitoring Kit (Pump, capillary…)
Software: Prospa, Spinsolve, Mnova.

Spinsolve carbone 80 MHz Ultra Magritek

Built-in probe: 1H/13C, Fluorine 5mm, built in fluorine lock, gradient.
Sample changer: 20 samples
Software: Spinsolve expert, Spinsolve, Mnova