CHEM-Symbiose platform



With the support of:

Missions of CHEM-Symbiose plaform from CEISAM

  1. To provide standard or elaborated organic molecules for academic partners (INSERM, CNRS, INRA, IFREMER, University…) for any application field (Biology, Therapeutics, Analytical chemistry, Agrochemistry…)
  2. To initiate or to support research projects for their validation as proof of concept, in particular for innovative research projects, in health, agriculture, food and sea fields.

In view of achieving these objectives, CHEM-Symbiose Platform provides its skills and facilities: synthesis of any accessible compound (few milligrams to several grams), structural characterizitaion (NMR, MS, HPLC, IR, DRX…) and labelling alternatives by stable isotopes (D, 13C, 15N…).


  • Synthesis of standard compounds for biological target.
  • Synthesis of molecules series for « Hit to Lead» strategy and Structure-Activity Relationship (SAR) studies.
  • Scale up synthesis (several grams, in vivo studies…)
  • Synthesis of labelled molecule (stable isotopes : D, 13C, 15N…)
  • Synthesis of out-of-stock molecules

Steering comittee

Jacques LEBRETON(PU-NU) : Responsable Scientifique

Monique MATHE-ALLAINMAT (CR-CNRS) : Responsable Scientifique

Arnaud TESSIER (CR-CNRS) : Responsable Scientifique

Matthieu RIVIÈRE (IE-NU) : Responsable Technique

Submit an application

Every application may be adressed to the platform through the dedicated link below. Following this application, steering comittee investigate feasability of molecule(s) synthesis. Based on bibliographic studies and Platform Know-How, a quotation is estimated following synthesis and purification steps for project implementation ; synthetic way and its risks will be submitted to collaborators.

After quotation signature, a planning is elaborated and compound(s) delivery is estimated. Projects progress reports will be adressed to collaborators. A final report and purity certificate of compounds will be delivered with molecule(s).


Besides classic equipment dedicated for chemical synthesis (magnetic stirrers, rotative evaporators…), CHEM-Symbiose Platform has:

Reveleris X2 BUCHI

Automatic Flashchromatographic system
Stationary phases: Silica, C18…
Grammage: 4 g to 300 g
Particle size: 15 μm, 40 μm

HYBRID RC6 Vaccubrand

High vacuum pump
Threshold: 10-3 mbar

Flash/Semi-preparative purification system is being acquired