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The CEISAM Institute ("Interdisciplinary Chemistry: Synthesis, Analysis, Modelling") encompasses all the research activities carried out in the area of molecular chemistry in Nantes and its surroundings. The CEISAM Institute is located on the Faculty of Science campus of the University of Nantes.

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120 publications

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12 PhD Defenses

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The CEISAM Institute, through its research activities, has positioned itself as one of the leading molecular chemistry institutes, both in France and on an international scale.

CEISAM means "Interdisciplinary Chemistry: Synthesis, Analysis, Modelling", an acronym which perfectly reflects the Institute’s areas of research. The institute is organised into 5 research teams, which together cover a broad field of activities, and that are involved in joint research projects and scientific events.

These research projects are implemented according to matrix management principles and the following three axes: synthesis of organic molecules and hybrid materials, methodological developments in analytical chemistry, and molecular modelling, all of which are deployed in three strategic interfaces, namely "Chemistry and Health", "Chemistry and molecular photonics" and "Chemistry and environment". Such organisation allows a strong sense of cohesion between the teams.

Major research projects

The CEISAM Institute is currently hosting three ERC research projects: DINAMIX (Real-time diffusion NMR analysis of mixtures) led by Jean-Nicolas DUMEZ, SUMMIT ("Site-specific Ultrasensitive Magnetic resonance of Mixtures for Isotopic Tracking") led by Patrick GIRAUDEAU and  ATTOP (ATTOsecond Photochemistry: controlling chemical reactions with electrons) led by Morgane VACHER.

Previously, another ERC program "Modeling of architectures governed by coupled or enhanced excited states" (MARCHES) had been obtained and carried by Denis Jacquemin. CEISAM also coordinates the Regional Scientific Dynamics "Protein Interactions in Rational Approaches for Medicinal Innovative Drugs" (PIRAMID) co-directed by Sylvain Collet, Jacques Lebreton and Jean-Yves Le Questel.

The originality and quality of molecular chemistry developments allowed the Institute to carry out / get involved in numerous national and international projects, on the one hand, and to develop and secure long-lasting partnerships with a wide range of socio-economic players, on the other hand, be them small and medium businesses (including CEISAM spin-offs like Graftys or Atlanchim Pharma) or major, international companies (Eurofins, Merck, Janssen, Sanofi, Servier).

Scientific production

The CEISAM Institute reaches an annual average of 120 publications, and about twelve PhD Defenses are conducted each year. CEISAM scientific work has resulted in the registration of about thirty patents, software solutions and databases, and three of our research professors have been nominated members of the Institut Universitaire de France.

International co-operation has always been a core component of research activities carried out in the CEISAM Institute, which fosters continuous relationships with universities over the five continents.

Cutting edge equipments

The CEISAM institute benefits from cutting-edge equipment, associated methodological development, and rigorous work from our technical staff, in particular in the fields of structural and quantitative analysis and of separation science. This bring critical support to the whole Institute, where research activities can be carried out seamlessly.

As an example, the Institute’s high-resolution liquid-state NMR platform is the largest in western France. It comprised of 6 high-field spectrometers and 3 benchtop spectrometers.

Teaching and student's life

The MSc students, Ph.D. students and Post-Docs working at the CEISAM Institute are at the heart of its research work. The Institute, through the activities of several of its members, has been thoroughly involved in training and education from and for research.

Students and post-docs who join CEISAM benefit from a high-quality scientific and social environment, which helps them achieve good career outcomes. Most Ph.D. students are attend the “3M” graduate school (Matter, Molecules, Materials).

The CEISAM Institute also benefits from strong support by its administrative, financial, IT and H&S members of staff. Support is also provided by the two institutions to which CEISAM is affiliated : the University of Nantes and the CNRS.

Taking some time to browse our website will allow you to get a good grasp of the many ways we develop chemistry in a research-promoting, scientific and human environment. We have been reorganising our website: do not hesitate to come back to hear the latest news from us! Whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate student, or a researcher, we will be happy to hear from you, to share our passion for research in molecular chemistry and, should the time come, to welcome you in the Institute.


CEISAM Senior Management

Jean-Michel BOULER, Head of CEISAM
Erwan LE GROGNEC, Deputy Head