A new book on 2D NMR spectroscopy edited by CEISAM scientists

Two scientists of the MIMM team of the CEISAM laboratory have edited a book on fast 2D solution-state NMR, that was just published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Written by active investigators in the field, this book describes state-of-the-art methods that can accelerate the acquisition of 2D NMR spectra in solution-state. The acquisition of fast multi-dimensional NMR data has motivated numerous ground-breaking developments in NMR pulse sequences and associated data processing methods. These in turn have revolutionized the way 2D NMR acquisitions are performed, at the same time broadening the scope of applications of 2D NMR.

The first part of the book provides an in-depth description of the concepts and implementation of major fast 2D NMR methods. The second part follows with illustrations of how such methods can be used in applications that require the acquisition of fast 2D NMR spectra, from reaction monitoring to hyperpolarization, including applications to a broad variety of samples and experimental conditions.

Appealing to readers from both the methodology and applications communities, this title will fill a gap in the market for a book focused on small molecule NMR, and researchers from both academia and industry will find a rich plethora of knowledge.

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