The PIRAMID – Protein Interactions in Rational Approaches for Medicinal Innovative Drugs, research programme is organizing a symposium on September 23-24, 2021, in Nantes.

For two days, the symposium will bring together chemists, biologists, modellers and bioinformaticians carrying out their research in the field of PPIs, and will take place according to the following highlights:

  • 4 plenary conferences will be held with established researchers in the field of PPIs.
  • a report / prospects by axis (5 in total) regarding the research carried out during the 5 years of the programme will be presented, see the website:
  • young researchers will be spotlighted after having been selected based on their submissions upon the call for contributions (oral communication and / or poster). Information on this call and the abstract template are available at:

The deadline for submission of abstracts is June 30, 2021 at 6 p.m.

A prize for the best oral presentation and a prize for the best poster will be awarded to two laureates (PhD students and/or Postdoctoral fellows) at the closing of the Symposium.

Access to the symposium for speakers is free of charge but registration is required before July 16, 2021 on the Website:

All the costs of the selected speakers will be covered by the PIRAMID programme.

Feel free to share this call for contributions with your network of collaborators and with your students.

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