PhD Defense : Achille MARCHAND

Achille MARCHAND, PhD student in CEISAM MIMM team, will defend his thesis untitled « Development of fast and flow-compatible NMR diffusion methods for online reaction monitoring » on December 14th 2022 at 10h in CEISAM’s conference room « Marie Curie ».


NMR is a broadly used method in many laboratories. We focus our attention and work, on its use as a tool for reaction monitoring and mixture analysis. This work focuses on the NMR experiment called DOSY NMR (Diffusion Ordered SpectroscopY). This method provides information of the diffusion coefficient of the molecules in the sample. This method is referred to as a “virtual separation” method, because of its capacity to link the different molecule’s signals to their respective diffusion coefficients. We are especially interested in this, in the context of flow-chemistry. Flow chemistry makes it possible to have accurate reaction monitoring by keeping realistic conditions for the analysis. We aim at keeping the separation capability of DOSY while on flow, by compensating flow effects. We also want to accelerate the experiments to have a better time-resolution, a keypoint in kinetics.


NMR, DOSY, Diffusion, Online monitoring, Fast NMR, Flow NMR

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