DCO SCF Jean-Pierre Sauvage prize awarded to Simon Pascal

The Division of Organic Chemistry of the French Chemical Society has awarded the “Jean-Pierre Sauvage” Young Researcher prize to Simon Pascal.

His research stands out in the field of synthesis of “exotic” organic dyes and the modulation of their optical properties, particularly in the near-infrared range, opening up new perspectives in areas such as bio-imaging and molecular electronics. In particular, his work on charged and zwitterionic molecules has led to the emergence of a new generation of polymethine dyes, explored in a project funded by the ANR JCJC. Currently, within the framework of the “Connect Talent” program supported by the Pays de la Loire region, he is dedicated to the CEISAM in the design of near-infrared photosensitizers applied to solar energy production.

Official communication from the SCF:

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