A new console for isotopomic NMR

In the context of a collaboration between RS2D and Professor Serge Akoka’s group, new electronics have been installed on one of the 400 MHz spectrometers of the CEISAM NMR platform.

This equipment (a Quad-C4 console), equipped with a 19F lock, will be dedicated to methodological developments in high precision quantitative NMR and in particular to the development of a new multi-nucleus strategy (13C and 2H) for isotopic analysis. The challenge lies in tacking into account with the same probe the very different constraints imposed by the two targeted nuclei; for example, 2H analysis is currently performed on 10 mm tubes and with a 19F lock while for 13C NMR, 5 mm tubes and a 2H lock are used. The quantity of nuclei is thus considerably reduced for 2H-NMR and the very demanding 1H decoupling -used in isotopic 13C-NMR- must be compatible with the use a 19F lock whose frequency is very close to that of the protons. The first evaluations show an excellent stability and a significant improvement of the signal to noise ratio for all tested nuclei (compared to the previous equipment). This equipment will allow the authentication (geographical origin, naturalness, synthesis process, …) of food or pharmaceutical products from a complete exploration: 2H/13C isotopomics and 1H profiling

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