DNA Encoded Chemical Libraries: A Key Technology in Drug Design

Bertrand Vivet, Drug Discovery Director had the pleasure to be invited by Pr. Jacques Lebreton and Dr. Arnaud Tessier from Laboratoire « Chimie Et Interdisciplinarité, Synthèse, Analyse, Modélisation » (CEISAM), University of Nantes to give a lecture on DNA-Encoded Library as a tool for drug design.

DNA Encoded Library (DEL) chemical libraries provide a versatile and powerful technology platform for the discovery of small molecules active on targets of biological and pharmaceutical interest. Of the tens or hundreds of millions of analogues that make up a DNA encoded library, each is covalently linked to a unique DNA sequence that serves as a barcode. While DEL has several advantages over traditional screening methods, the development of DNA-compatible chemical reactions for the diverse synthesis of chemical entities remains a challenge.

The overall process of this disruptive technology, key principles of design, library production, and affinity screening and hit identification was presented.

We would like to thank Pr. Jacques Lebreton and Dr. Arnaud Tessier and in addition to the CEISAM and the University of Nantes for their kind invitation, as well as the public for their interest and questions that contribute to an enriching two-way exchange.

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