Conférence : Professor Keitaro Nakatani

Professor Keitaro Nakatani from Laboratoire de Photophysique et de Photochimie Supramoléculaires et Macromoléculaires (PPSM), Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay, CNRS, Université Paris-Saclay will give a seminar titled “Amplifying switching in organic photochromic systems” in the Marie Curie room (CEISAM) on Monday, November 27th at 10:00 am. You will find the abstract of his conference below:

“Organic photochromic compounds are known for more than a century for their ability to shuttle between two forms, upon light trigger. In addition to their color change, the possibility to modify reversibly a large number of chemical and physical properties, using a “sustainable” source, has attracted much interest during the last decades.
After an introduction to the world of organic photochromism, and a presentation of investigations on the switching of various properties (solubility, fluorescence, nonlinear optical properties), the talk will focus on trials to amplify the switching. These are mainly based on interactions involving nano-scale interactions and/or nano-objects: plasmonics in organic-metal nanoparticle hybrids, and multiple energy transfer in photochromic-fluorescent systems.”

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