Conférence : Gilles GASSER

Gilles GASSER donnera une conférence « Metal Complexes as Diagnostics and Therapeutics » le Vendredi 27 Janvier 2023 à 10h30 au laboratoire CEISAM.


Metal Complexes as Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Gilles Gasser

Chimie ParisTech, PSL University, CNRS, Institute of Chemistry for Life and Health Sciences, Laboratory for Inorganic Chemical Biology, F-75005 Paris, France. Email:; WWW:; Phone: +33 1 85 78 41 51

Metal complexes are currently playing a tremendous role in medicine.1 For example, the platinum complex cisplatin and its derivatives oxaliplatin and carboplatin are employed in more than 50% of the treatment regimes for patients suffering from cancer!

Over the last years, our research group focused its attention on the development of novel metal complexes as imaging and therapeutic agents against cancer and parasitic diseases.2-9 During this talk, we will present our latest results, including in vivo results, on these topics.


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