Conférence CEISAM : Tanja JUNKERS

La conférence #2 labellisée CEISAM de Tanja Junkers (Monash University, Australia) aura lieu le Mardi 5 juillet 2022 à 9h30 par visioconférence en raison de l’éloignement géographique de la conférencière (Australie). Pr. Tanja Junkers est une chimiste renommée dans le domaine de la chimie des polymères et utilise des technologies d’automatisation et de suivi en ligne.

Visioconference (Zoom)
Meeting ID: 897 8452 0488
Passcode: 653730

It’s a Machines World: Challenges and Opportunities in
Automated Polymer Synthesis

Contemporary macromolecular chemistry has matured to a point where virtually any
polymer structure can be synthesized via combinations of controlled polymerization
approaches, post-polymerization modification and efficient ligation strategies. Still, often
large hurdles have to be overcome to take the next step in research, that is being able to
provide such complex materials reliably on significant scale for use in advanced
applications. A solution to this problem is to make use of continuous flow synthesis
techniques. Flow reactors are associated with high reproducibility, intrinsically simple
reaction scale-up and improved product qualities due to significant reduction of side
reactions. Being an established method especially in the pharmaceutical chemistry
domain, full potential with regards to macromolecular synthesis did not unfold until very
recently. Among others, the benefits of using online-monitoring, reactor automation and
machine-learning will be discussed and the development of fully autonomous based
reactor systems presented. Also polymer self-assembly itself can largely benefit from flow
operation, and first advances in this area will be presented.

The potential of flow chemistry for preparative macromolecular chemistry will be
discussed and explored on the example of polymerization. Further, the possibility to build
reactor cascades and the advantages of online-monitoring will be highlighted. Machine-assisted synthesis of polymers is shown to be superior in accuracy in synthesis. Generally,
the introduction of smart algorithms in synthesis control opens avenues into the digital
chemistry space, and challenges and opportunities in this realm will be discussed.

Biography Prof. Tanja Junkers

Associate editor of the RSC journal Chemical Science
Associate editor of the RSC journal Polymer Chemistry
School of Chemistry, Monash University, Australia
Phone: +61399054524 E-mail:
Personal History:
Since 2018 Full Professor Monash University, Australia
2010-2018 Professor, Hasselt University, Belgium
2008-2010 Senior Scientist, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany
2006-2008 Research Associate, University of New South Wales, Australia
2002-2006 PhD in Physical Chemistry, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany
2002 Diploma/MSc in Pure Chemistry, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany

Research interests

polymer synthesis, flow chemistry, precision polymers, kinetics and
mechanisms, machine-learning, photochemistry @polymerreaction


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