Conférence CEISAM : Johan WOUTERS

Johan Wouters, donnera une conférence « Strategies to develop inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphoserine phosphatase, a potential drug target » le Mercredi 3 Avril à 10h en salle Marie Curie.

Strategies to develop inhibitors of Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphoserine phosphatase, a potential drug target.

Johan Wouters
Chemistry Department – UNamur – Belgium

Phosphoserine phosphatases catalyze the removal of the phosphate group of O-phospho-L-Serine in the last step of the biosynthesis of L-Serine (L-Ser).

Mycobacterium tuberculosis phosphoserine phosphatase, MtSerB2, is of interest as a new antituberculosis target due to its essential metabolic role in L-Serine biosynthesis and effector functions in infected cells.

The identification, by a screening approach, of original trisubstituted harmine derivatives as inhibitors of MtSerB2 will be presented. An alternative fragment-based drug design will also be described. This approach relies on a biophysical screening cascade (DSF, Ligand-based NMR, High concentration enzymatic assay) combined with crystallography and modelling (docking) approaches.

MtSerB2 is regulated through an oligomeric transition induced by L-Ser that could serve as a basis for the design of selective allosteric inhibitors. A structural, biophysical, and enzymological characterization of MtSerB2 oligomerization in the presence and absence of L-Ser will be presented. I will show that MtSerB2 coexists in dimeric, trimeric, and tetrameric forms of different activity levels interconverting through a conformationally flexible monomeric state, which is not observed in two near-identical mycobacterial orthologs. This morpheein behavior exhibited by MtSerB2 lays the foundation for future allosteric drug discovery and provides a starting point to the understanding of its peculiar multifunctional moonlighting properties.

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Informations : Adèle Laurent

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