Conférence : Alexis GILBERT

We will have a CEISAM labelled conference on the 23rd of February  in the Marie Curie’s room at 10.30 given by Dr. Alexis GILBERT from Tokyo Tech.

He will present us a conference entitled :  « From Tequila Authentication to Cancer Diagnosis: Unlocking the Potential of Position-Specific Isotope Analysis”


The stable isotope ratios of light elements (13C/12C, 2H/1H, 18O/16O, 15N/14N) provide an invaluable way to trace the origin and history of a given sample, and as such are of great interest in several disciplines. While very informative, the current methods used for measuring isotope ratios can have limitations and do not always lead to clear conclusions. In the recent years, researchers have developed new approaches, named position-specific isotope analysis (PSIA), which allow an unprecedented level of understanding on a sample’s origin. In this presentation I will introduce the concepts, methods and applications of PSIA, with a particular focus on how this could contribute to biogeochemical and medical studies.

Mini bio

Alexis did his PhD at the university of Nantes, France in 2010. Then he moved to Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan) for a post-doc. Then in 2022 he became an Associate Professor there. His interests include analytical development for isotope measurements and applications, mainly in Earth sciences but also food authentication and forensics.


Analytical chemistry, organic geochemistry, stable isotopes, natural gas, intramolecular isotope analysis, metabolic isotope fractionation

Short CV

2010: PhD (University of Nantes) Prof. Gerald Remaud
2011-2017: Post-doc (Tokyo Tech, including ELSI) Prof Naohiro Yoshida / Dr Keita Yamada
2017-2022: Assistant Prof (Earth and Planetary Science Department, Tokyo Tech) Prof. Yuichiro Ueno
2022: Associate Prof (Earth and Planetary Science Department, Tokyo Tech)

Informations : Jonathan FARJON

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